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Welcome to The Most Magical Place on Earth

April 30, 2014

Me at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney!  Disney! Disney!

I got up while it was still dark, as excited as if Santa had just been and left me a puppy dressed as a unicorn and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. I got dressed, expertly packed my handbag and caught the bus from my hotel. While it was still dark! And chilly outside. I was convinced I could see my breath but I am sure it was actually about 83 degrees. My hotel had a daily shuttle to Magic Kingdom and it left super early which was perfect for me. I wanted to make the most of the one Disney day I had, even though I had got my ticket for free. Orlando looks beautiful first thing in the morning. As we drove the sun began to rise and steam was rising off all the pools of water. At that time, Orlando is peaceful.

We got off the bus at The World’s Best Car Park aka TCC and boarded the monorail … “Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas“. I love that! I like the way the monorail smells. I love how familiar everything at Disneyworld is to me.  As we whizzed past the Grand Floridian I spotted hot air balloons in the near distance. This is on my wish list for my next visit. What an incredible way to start your day and see the parks like no one else has.

When we got to the Magic Kingdom entrance the park was still closed and there was only a handful of people milling around. I logged on to Disney’s free wi-fi and downloaded the waiting time app. Disney got high tech in the past 6 years! I was planning my day and enjoying the Orlando sunshine as the park entrance started to get busier and busier. As the 10 minute until opening announcement was made the entrance was completely packed out. It was Spring Break after all. Lucky for me I was at the front of the queue. I do not think I have ever been to a Walt Disney World park for opening. I have certainly never seen the Welcome Show! A train pulled up to the entrance and off jumped Mickey and friends and the Main Street Dancers.  They started singing Good Morning from my favourite film of all time. I nearly burst with delight. I had to sit on my hands to stop myself from joining in the dancing but I need sneak in a wave at Peter Pan. You would have to have a dead cat for a soul to not smile at that welcome. I also found my new dream profession … Mayor of Main Street! How does one get that job??

Not my video but fabulous all the same

The rope was dropped and people raced into the park like they were being chased by zombie killer bears. I got swept away in the crowd and before I knew it I was walking right down the middle of Main Street USA. For me Disneyworld is magical. When I see Cinderella’s castle my eyes start to fill with tears. Most of my favourite memories and happiest moments throughout my whole life were created in the Disney parks. I don’t need to pretend to be happy when I am there. I am happy. If anyone thinks that is not cool, they are right, it is not cool! Nothing about Disney is cool. I’m not cool. I just hope that they too have something that makes them as happy as Disney makes me.


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  1. April 30, 2014 8:31 pm

    When I was a little girl on a saturday evening I would watch the wonderful world of Disney. Magical is truly the right word. Your post brought a smile to my face :-)


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