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A Date to the Fertility Statue

December 1, 2013

Ixchel Goddess of Fertility on Isla Muejres

When the Spanish first arrived on Isla Mujeres they were mysteriously greeted by a mass of female shaped objects. These statues were dedicated to the Mayan goddess of fertility Ixchel, and a new name was born – The Island of Women. A good story but I prefer the other more piratey one. Historically, the island was a place where pirates would leave their women for safekeeping while they went off pillaging elsewhere. To this very day it is still a popular place for men to keep their girlfriends from causing trouble in Cancun.

The south side of the island is not only quieter than North Beach, it is in my opinion far more beautiful. Punta Sur is the most Southern tip of the island and is worth a visit to see the statue dedicated to Ixchel. What better place to take your lovely girlfriend on a sunny day than to the goddess of fertility? I happily wandered about gabbing to other tourists, taking pictures and enjoying the stunning views. I posed with Ixchel but was very careful to make sure that I did not touch her, for obvious reasons. Then I thought, I know what would make a great photo, I’ll pretend to kiss her fish! Won’t that be hilariously comical. I leaned down, puckered up and accidentally licked the inside of the fish’s mouth. Yup…. that happened. I was horrified. Not only was I now more than likely with child, I had probably consumed centuries worth of seagull poop.

Ho hum. Bird shit happens. Still a lovely day evidenced in the photographs in which I am practically bursting with happiness.

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  1. December 2, 2013 8:58 am

    Ooops! That’s ok, extra spices for your food. :D Eeeek!!! Nice picture of the cliff!

    I heard of Ix Chel. I heard it from Survivor Guatemala. Geez! I’m very, very, very surprised that I still remember it after all these years. Well upon further reading … She’s the goddess of weaving and childbirth and ancient goddess of the moon. This story I remember .. She has the story about having a lot of affairs that her father got so mad he separated her far far away from the man she actually planned to settle with. They got separated only to meet at a certain period in a year. Going back to her title … She’s the ancient goddess of the Moon. And her man became the Sun. Sad but very cool story.

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