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It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

November 22, 2013

Dark sky over Isla Mujeres

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. Jacques Yves Cousteau

After my lovely mini vacation I spent every day I could on Isla Mujeres. I get one day off work a week. The night before I would practically run to the ferry port to get there as soon as I possibly could. The Ultramar is every 30 minutes and it became a game to see just how quickly I could get from my apartment in downtown Cancun to the island. Basically I have superhuman powers and can get to the island in eye wateringly speedy times. Most of my days were spent chilling on the beautiful beaches. Thus began my Day Off Curse. It rained every single time I had a free day. Even if the whole 6 days previous were perfect dry sunshine it would rain like it was the end of the World as soon as my bum hit the beach. People would actually plan activities around my work schedule, ‘We wanted to go diving on Wednesday, but it is Siobhan’s day off so we had to reschedule’. I didn’t complain (much). The island is still beautiful and I always found plenty to keep myself amused. If anything thanks to those rainy days I got to do more than sit on the beach and got to know the island a little better. However, I was not happy with my lack of tannage. After a year in Mexico I was still so pale people presumed I had just arrived from Scotland 10 minutes previously.

If anything the black rain clouds gave the island a mysterious depth, a tropical gothic feel. I have one hidden place where I like to sit for hours, mesmerised by the sea. My Thinking Rocks. Hidden from the whole World I stare into the sea with its endless possibilities and plan World domination. In rare moments I have also been known to act out scenes from The Little Mermaid on these rocks. I have been told I make a very convincing Sebastian.

There is something about the island that keeps drawing me back. I never want to go to the same place twice, I want to see everywhere, but something … The island bewitched me. It wrapped me up and refused to let me go.

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  1. November 22, 2013 8:43 pm

    I quite agree with you – I don’t like to go to the same places twice either but I love your use of the the word bewitched, that is exactly what some places do to you! Picton, New Zealand is my Brigadoon

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