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A Visit to the Coptic Church in Sharm

August 8, 2012

For someone who is not religious I seem to spend all my time writing about visiting religious sites. Egypt is 90% Muslim, and the rest is mostly Coptic Christians. In Sharm and Luxor I have worked with a disproportionately large percentage of Christians. It makes sense in bikini and booze Sharm that Christians would feel comfortable here. The Muslims might be doing Ramadan but I can tell you that the Coptics here fast ALL THE TIME. It seemed like every day the guys I worked with in Luxor would just eat lentils. It must be hard for the Christians here. Especially during Ramadan. I imagine there are lots of dirty looks during the day when the non-Muslims are smoking and drinking. Last summer there was trouble between the Coptics and the Muslims. Lots of setting each others mosques and churches on fire. I’m glad there is none of that this summer.

The Coptic Church here in Sharm is beautiful. It is all very new looking. Not like the dusty creepy churches of Europe. Did anyone else miss the bit in the Bible where they came to Egypt and discovered a mummy? Best church painting ever – well the Sistine Chapel had a few nice ones too.

I remember when I first came to Sharm and I wanted to cry because I seen a Burger King! How could I live in this place? Where were the temples, the history, the respect for local culture?  I can honestly say I love it here now. The nightlife, the underwater World, the shopping are all incredible. There is so much to explore, if you go looking for it.

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