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The Luckiest Girl in the World

July 17, 2014

Photo of Red Footed Booby from National Trust
It was my first day on Little Cayman. I was laying out on a sun lounger on the paradise beach of my luxury hotel basking in the spring sunshine. I was thinking to myself, really, life does not get better than this. I was nodding off when … SPLAT. Something had crashed down on my bikini clad body. I HAD BEEN SHOT! I looked down in a panic, it was worse, much worse than I had thought. I was staring at a mass of bird poop all over my naked stomach. A bird circling about a mile over my head had been using my belly button as target practice. Needless to say that was my day at the beach over! A fine welcome indeed.

A couple of days later, I was walking along the road, thinking of coconuts and full moon parties, when … SPLAT. Yep, you guessed it. Another little bird gave me a treat all down the back of my neck. I have done a scientific poll amongst my closest friends (all 3 of them … hey you guys!) and it seems that I am getting crapped on much more than the average person. The first time I visited Isla Mujeres, I was shit on while eating a hotdog in my bikini, again. My last day in Cancun, same thing! In 5 months, I have had a bird crap on me at least 4 times. I really should start playing the lottery … or carrying around an umbrella.

P.S Little Cayman has the largest breeding colony of Red-footed Boobies in the Western Hemisphere. The National Trust keep them safe with their very own Booby Pond Nature Reserve. You can read all about them here. Pretty fascinating journey these little guys take. They are cute enough that I can forgive them not only for pooping on me but for having a pond that smells like egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

Little Cayman Beach Resort

July 16, 2014

View from Little Cayman Beach Resort

Ah … the view, THE VIEW!

Little Cayman is a tiny island filled with contradictions. Largely uninhabited and untouched, but very livable. There may be no stop signs, but the roads here are in pretty excellent condition. The problems you presume would come with living on a tropical paradise are just a non-issue here. Clean, drinkable water comes straight out of the tap, the electricity always works, mobile signal is good, even the wi-fi here is great.

That level of comfort certainly extends to the hotels here. With 40 rooms, Little Cayman Beach Resort is the biggest hotel on the island. Guests come here for the diving, but it is the beautiful surroundings, scrumptious food and fantastic service that keep them coming back year after year. I was lucky enough to get to stay there for my first few nights. The beautifully furnished room, in creams and oceanic colourings, had a picture perfect view. Although honestly, It doesn’t matter where you look, everywhere on Little Cayman is postcard worthy.

Snapshots of Little Cayman Part Two

July 4, 2014

To Infinity and BeyondI feel infinite

I Love the Beach

July 3, 2014

Me at the beach

My name is Siobhan and I am a beachaholic.

The Journey to Little Cayman

July 2, 2014

Caution! Baby Dinosaurs on the road

Little Cayman may be a tropical paradise but it is surprisingly easy to get to. I caught my Cayman Airways flight from Miami International Airport, and arrived in Cayman Brac an hour later. I had just enough time to grab some lunch in a hotel near the airport before I was off again on my island hopper flight. The teeny tiny plane from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman seats just 14 people. Unless you have your own boat or are a keen pirate, these little planes are your only option for getting around the Cayman Islands. They run as regularly as buses.  I had been on a plane the same size in Belize and that seemed to have conquered any small aircraft fears I once had. The views for the whole seven minute journey are incredible. Bright blue seas, and untouched lush greenery. It looked a lot like Jurassic Park. I was looking at this sunny tropical paradise from the air and struggling to comprehend the fact … This was my new home!

With an island so small most transfer times from the airport to a hotel are a maximum of 5 minutes. I was picked up from the airport and given a guided tour of the island. Next to the airport is the blink-and-you-will-miss-it “town centre”, the grocery store, the liquor store and the bank(which is open just 2 days a week!). Next up is the island church. From the outside it looks extremely large for an island of 150 people. If all the residents flew in a  few friends they might be able to make up a full service. And, that was the end of the island tour! I had arrived at my hotel. Total journey time : 120 seconds!

If someone had told me a month before that I would be moving to a little island in the Cayman’s I would never have believed them. It is funny how life turns out. Have you ever had an opportunity come into your life at such the perfect moment that it can only be fate? That is how I felt about coming to Little Cayman. I knew from the moment I arrived that I had made the right decision coming here. THIS was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Snapshots of Little Cayman Part One

June 28, 2014


“…like a room without a roof”

Where is Little Cayman?

June 27, 2014

Map of the Caribbean Islands


The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the Western Caribbean Sea somewhere in between Cuba and Jamaica and about 500 miles from Miami. Three small islands make up the Cayman Islands; Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. As the name might suggest Little Cayman is the smallest of the three. Little Cayman is, in fact, tiny. So small it can’t be found on every map. It measures 10 miles long by 1 mile wide. Little Cayman is the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret and we want to keep it that way! What I am going to say in this blog is just between us, OK?

Reasons why Little Cayman is Brilliant:

  • There are more iguanas than people here. 150 of the luckiest people in the World get to call Little Cayman home.
  • There are no traffic lights, stop signs or traffic wardens.
  • The island remains mostly undeveloped and uninhabited making it a great habitat for wildlife include turtles and the largest colony  of Red-Footed Boobies in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Welcome to paradise! The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and mostly deserted. Think Castaway … but without the suffering.
  • The diving here is some of the best in the World. There are over 50 dive sites include the famous Bloody Bay and its extraordinary wall diving.
  • It is pretty much always hot and sunny, with weather usually somewhere between 74°F to 89°F.
  • I live here.

 This blog will self-destruct in 5 seconds …


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